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Dynasty Warriors 9's Open World Mission Structure Shown Off in New Gameplay

We're getting quite close to the launch of Dynasty Warriors 9 now, so you can expect to see at least several more videos like this one over the next few weeks. The gameplay's in Japanese, but it still gives us a decent idea of how the title's open world missions work. Basically, you're able to pick and choose between a bunch of different battles, each of them with their own objectives and challenges. The missions that you end up clearing will impact future clashes, too.

The article seems a bit skeptical of how well the open world thing will work. But, after playing Musou games most of my life, I think it has a lot of potential to really change things for the better. Usually "open world" is a lousy meme for developers making the biggest map they technically can, and it ends up empty and boring.

Watching the gameplay, it seems pretty cool. It's like you're actually a general going from battle to battle in a field of war.

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