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Dynasty Warriors is a series of tactical action video games created by Omega Force and Koei. The first game titled Dynasty Warriors, Sangokumusō in Japan, is a fighting game and different from the rest of the series. This game was released in other countries as Dynasty Warriors 2, leading to the discrepancy in title numbers. Dynasty Warriors 2, Dynasty Warriors 3, Dynasty Warriors 5 and Dynasty Warriors 6 have individual Musou Modes for each character. Instead of participating in the entire set of their kingdoms' events, the characters appear only in certain battles that they had fought in, as according to the novel or factual history. In 2002, an Xtreme Legends expansion was first released for the main games, beginning with Dynasty Warriors 3.

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February 28th, 1997 (8839 days ago)
June 30th, 1997 (8717 days ago)

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