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Earth Defense Force 5 details Support Equipment, Plasma Cores, Colonists, Red Color and Type 2 Drones


D3 Publisher has updated the official website for Earth Defense Force 5 with new information and screenshots on Support Equipment and Plasma Cores, and three enemy Primers.

â–  Weapons

â—† New Elements: Support Equipment and Plasma Cores

There is a set number of weapons each each class can equip (Ranger: 2, Wing Diver: 2, Air Raider: 3, Fencer: 4). In addition to these weapons, Rangers have “Support Equipment” that can be used to enhance their abilities, as well as vehicle equipment. Also, Wing Divers can change the “Plasma Cores” they have equipped, which create the energy required for flight units.

Earth Defense Force 5

Fencers not only have the highest amount of weapons equipped, they also have two types of Support Equipment that can be used to enhance their abilities. There is no Support Equipment for Air Raiders, but in addition to the amount of weapons they can equip increasing by one type from the previous game, they are provided with a number of powerful vehicles.


Rangers can equip Support Equipment to enhance their abilities, as well as smoke candles to request vehicles. The following introduction is just an example of some of the Support Equipment available:

Light Weight Protector: Protective wear made light weight, but with its strength in tact. (Walk Speed 110%, Dash Speed 120%.) Liquid Armor: Protective wear that makes use of impact-absorbing material. Reduces the decrease in movement speed when hit. (Reduces the decrease in movement speed when hit 50%.) Solid Protector: Special protective wear resistant to shock. Destroys small obstacles when dashing. (Enables obstacle destruction when dashing.)

Wing Diver

Plasma Cores are a central part of flight units, and the equipment that creates its energy. Depending on the type of Plasma Core equipped, the amount of energy you can create will differ, and flight abilities will be affected. A high performance Plasma Core is indispensable for a powerful weapon to receive energy from the flight unit. The following introduction is just an example of some of the Plasma Cores available:

Turbo Core: A Plasma Core that specializes in the enhancement of flight abilities. (Increases forward acceleration power.) Rush Core: A Plasma Core that specializes in the supply of energy for weapons. (Increases the speed of energy supply from the flight unit to the weapon.) V2 Plasma Core: A new type of Plasma Core. Its performance is significantly greater than existing types. It supports the supply of energy to the new, high performance weapons being developed one after the other, enabling their use, and significantly improves the combat abilities of the Wing Diver.


Fencers can equip two types of Support Equipment to enhance their abilities. The following introduction is just an example of some of the Support Equipment available:

Dash Cell: Enables consecutive use of the thruster dashes. Ad Booster: Enables consecutive use of booster jumps. Deflect Cell: A device that constantly activates the deflector system installed on the shield with minimal output. Weakens the impact when hit. V1 Skeleton: A new type of Powered Skeleton. Strengthens the entire body’s actuators, and increases power and speed.

â–  Primers


Earth Defense Force 5

This alien foot soldier has surprisingly been confirmed to have the same level of intelligence as humans. It uses its own language and fights in organized battles using teamwork. The amount of Colonists that have landed on earth has already exceeded well over 1,000, and they have begun forming colonies all over the world.

Even if they lose their limbs in battle, Colonists can still continue to attack, albeit with reduced mobility. To make matters worse, it has been confirmed to possess astounding recovery abilities. It can regenerate the limbs it lost within several seconds, and restore its original combat abilities as if nothing had occurred.

The foot soldiers of this enemy alien’s army have been confirmed to consist of several types with different roles. We will look at each role in detail below.

—Foot Soldier (Rifle-equipped Type)

Earth Defense Force 5

Armed with weapons we call “Ether Guns.” Given that most of the foot soldiers carry an Ether Gun, it is conceivable that it is the main weapon of the aliens that have landed on earth. Its range is several hundred meters. It automatically seizes its target. It is believed possible to accurately target and shoot at an enemy without the user themselves aligning the weapon.

—Gunner (Long distance gun-equipped Type)

Earth Defense Force 5

Alien gunners equipped with long-range cannons. Long-range cannons are weapons that can fire plasma shots at faraway targets. It seems to be a weapon equivalent to humanity’s own mortars, but its range is over 10 kilometers and it is used not only for suppressive fire, but also for interdiction.

Its firing accuracy is extremely high, and the troops and facilities its attack hits suffer devastating damage. The existence of the alien gunners are a horrible threat to humanity, and should be considered a high priority elimination target. Gunners have terrifying combat power at long distances, but without their Ether Guns, it is presumed that they can be defeated with close-range attacks by foot soldiers—although there are risks involved.

—Assault Soldier (Shotgun-equipped Type)

Earth Defense Force 5

Even among the aliens, there seem to be those with different skin colors. As a living being, there is little difference, and it is thought to be on the same wavelength of mankind having different skin colors. They are mostly equipped with what we call “Rupture Guns,” and are always fighting on the front lines.

Compared to the Ether Gun, the Rupture Gun has shorter range, but can scatter shoot several light bullets. It can destroy a wide range of objects. Since it exhibits terrifying power in close combat, its existence is a natural enemy of the Earth Defense Force’s foot soldiers.

Red Color Drone

Earth Defense Force 5

A high performance model battle drone. The entire drone has been reinforced, and its armor strength far surpasses that of a normal battle drone. It is equipped with a high output beam gun. Its flight speed has also been confirmed as higher speed than existing drones. Its total length is 15 meters.

Type 2 Drone

Earth Defense Force 5

A newly confirmed new type of battle drone. It is an unmanned battle weapon with high flight ability that suddenly appeared from the Mothership. Compared to existing battle drones, this one is heavily armored and requires high fire power to shoot down. Since it has annihilated most of the foot soldiers it encountered, it is presumed to be a type of drone that specializes in land attacks.

This new type of enemy drone will appear from the second half of the story, and is a horrible threat to the Earth Defense Force, which has already lost a lot of aerial military power. The detailed performance of the Type 2 Drone is still under investigation, and its weapons and such are still to be understood. Its total length is 17 meters.

Personally, I love EDF and the updates to ED5 look amazing. They've really improved the graphics, and I can't wait to blow up some giant alien enemy frogs. This game is amazing, if you haven't played EDF yet, you should. It's just chaotic, B-movie chaos.

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Earth Defense Force 5

Earth Defense Force 5 is the fifth main installment, and the eighth game in the Earth Defense Force video game series. At the start of the game, the player cannot select the difficulties Hardest or Inferno, however this becomes unlocked after beating the game once. It consists of more than 10 new missions...

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