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Exoprimal video game
Rank: #1882
RE Engine, also known as Reach for the Moon Engine, is a video game engine created by Capcom.
First Release July 14, 2023
Next Release July 14, 2023
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RE Engine, also known as Reach for the Moon Engine, is a video game engine created by Capcom. The engine is a successor to MT Framework, Capcom's previous engine. RE Engine was created in 2014, during the beginning of the development of Resident Evil 7. The engine was originally designed with the game's linear nature in mind and was created to make game development more efficient. The reason the team did not choose a third-party engine was that "a highly generic engine developed by another company would not be appropriate" for a game like Resident Evil 7. MT Framework was not used for the project due to its slower development tools. In order to carry out asset-based development, which is globally the mainstream, we began developing our new RE Engine". When discussing Monster Hunter Rise, Yasunori Ichinose, the game's director, discussed porting RE Engine to Nintendo Switch saying, "a lot of background technical engineering work needs to be done just to achieve targeting a new hardware platform". He later mentioned the challenge of creating the large maps the team wanted, while trying to maintain the game's graphical quality. RE Engine features various improvements over MT Framework, including new anti-aliasing and volumetric lighting features.

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