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Devolver Digital State No Plans for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout to Come to "Any Form" of Xbox Gamepass

Devolver Digital has confirmed that there are no plans to bring Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout to any form of Xbox Game Pass; dispelling recent rumors.
dibsgamer's Avatar dibsgamer 2021-01-21 13:30:22

Devolver Digital Derails Fall Guys Coming to Game Pass

Fall Guys isn’t coming to Xbox Game Pass despite the service’s official Instagram page recently suggesting it would be. That’s according to publisher Devolver Digital, who shut down speculation in...
blazen's Avatar blazen 2021-01-20 12:16:04

Amazon Prime Members Can Claim Exclusive Fall Guys Goodies Today

Costume and kudos await - A big part of Fall Guys is the fashion, obviously. If you're going to make a fool of yourself bu...
mugen's Avatar mugen 2021-01-15 12:48:21

Fall Guys Denies Xbox Game Pass Rumors

Earlier today, Fall Guys teased a potential partnership with Xbox Game Pass, getting that platforms' players excited, but it has since been denied.
oldschoolgamer's Avatar oldschoolgamer 2021-01-12 16:25:15

Fall Guys Goes to Hell in Crossover with DOOM

Really - Man, Fall Guys gets some amazing crossovers, doesn't it? It's not eve...
ark89's Avatar ark89 2021-01-07 10:51:05

Fall Guys Aim Lab costume arrives in the game later this week

In just a few days, the final winner of the Fall Guys costume charity bid, Aim Lab, is getting its sleek looking skin in-game.
duckMantra's Avatar duckMantra 2021-01-05 08:17:22

Fall Guys Reveals Mr Beast Skin

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic reveals a collaboration with popular YouTuber Mr Beast for a brand new skin coming soon to the in-game shop.
xenongenesis's Avatar xenongenesis 2020-12-24 15:57:16
Ace9's Avatar Ace9 2020-12-21 12:28:03

Ninja gets the first Fall Guys costume from SpecialEffect bidding war

A few months after Ninja, MrBeast, G2 Esports, and Aim Lab donated a million dollars to SpecialEffect, Ninja gets his Fall Guys costume.
wondergamer's Avatar wondergamer 2020-12-20 11:54:38

Amazon Prime Gaming has free Fall Guys crowns and a costume, plus new free games for Christmas

Amazon Prime Gaming has a bunch of new free loot available to help celebrate the launch of Fall Guys Season 3. Log on to Prime Gaming and you will be able to claim three crowns and a natty Winter Warmer...
Ace9's Avatar Ace9 2020-12-16 20:20:26

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Players Can Get a Golden Hot Dog Costume

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season3 brings along crown ranks. Only the most dedicated players will get a golden Hot Dog costume.
trig's Avatar trig 2020-12-14 21:01:04

Fall Guys Reveals Four Costumes From Upcoming Season Three

You will soon be able to play as a candle...
omegabuster's Avatar omegabuster 2020-12-07 08:16:26

DOOM Guy Coming to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Soon

A DOOM Guy Fall Guys skin is coming soon, along with more details to be announced about "Pegwin" at The Game Awards on December 10.
xJesse6's Avatar xJesse6 2020-12-03 13:10:23

Fall Guys and DOOM Tease a Crossover Costume

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and DOOM look ready to crossover, likely for a costume of some sort. Nothing is confirmed yet, but the mega popular battle
xJesse6's Avatar xJesse6 2020-12-02 13:01:17

Random: Watch as Fall Guys Players Join Forces to Form Hearts and More

Heartwarming - Fall Guys is a cutesy-looking game, but it's actually an intense competition. A large group of players join...
forest's Avatar forest 2020-11-26 10:05:12

Untitled Goose Game Invades Fall Guys with New Costumes, Emotes

Honk! - Here's a crossover we weren't expecting but, now we think of it, totally makes sense. Fall Guys and Untitled Goose...
xJesse6's Avatar xJesse6 2020-11-13 13:42:04

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Midseason Update Patch Notes

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was a major success when it released back in August, sort of setting the stage for the influx of very popular streaming
neeker's Avatar neeker 2020-11-10 12:09:03

Fall Guys Adding New Level in Update This Week

This level is made for Fall Guys' Biggest Fans.
android's Avatar android 2020-11-09 10:10:04
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