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game Fallout 76 Bethesda Confirms Fallout 76 Won't Launch on Steam

Posted By   blazen's Avatar blazen

While Valve’s popular Steam client has become almost synonymous with PC gaming, several bigger publishers have started migrating off the platform, mostly in a bid to push their own competitors or PC gaming launchers. Now, we’ve learned Bethesda’s next huge game, Fallout 76, will launch without support for the platform.

This is some really bad news. A top reason why we've seen other games, like Destiny 2, not make it on Steam is because Steam doesn't provide these publishers with the means to add lots of microtransactions and other bad things. I think it's safe to assume, while not confirmed, that this is a step by Bethesda to keep Fallout 76 in areas they control, which probably means they'll be pushing paid mods even harder than before.

Creation Club is not favorable to modders, and it should be obvious that if Fallout 76 depends on Creation Club, there will be very strong efforts (or it will be made nearly impossible) for people to mod Fallout 76 on their own.

What can happen from not coming to Steam is all speculation, but it doesn't seem like a good direction for Fallout 76 to be heading. We'll have to keep our eyes open and see what happens, but I think they may be going a little too far here.

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