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game Fallout 76 Redditor Claims To Be Getting Fallout 76 Support Tickets

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A redditor is claiming to be receiving support tickets from other Fallout 76 buyers. Support tickets are filed when someone has a problem with a game, and needs some help from the publisher to resolve an issue.

As you can guess, these support tickets usually contain a lot of personal information, sometimes even things like credit card information, your name, address, etc. Jessiepie is claiming that these support tickets they are receiving contains full personal information, as well as credit card information.

An image was posted for proof, but it was removed, probably because it contained someone's personal information.

There's no word yet on if other people are also receiving support tickets. This is a massive privacy violation and there are sure to be repercussions coming from the EU, at the very least, regarding this.

It's quite difficult to imagine how you can create a bug which sends personal information to the wrong places. Though if this is true, which it seems extremely likely, it really shows how poorly Fallout 76 has been going.

Blow back from this should be extreme. Bethesda has allegedly given out all this personal information, but the painful part for them is that they are giving away personal information for people who are already having problems with the game and have filed support tickets. These people are probably not pleased with Fallout 76 to begin with, once they learn their personal information is probably leaking to random people on the internet, they're going to be even angrier.

Most of these support tickets for Fallout 76 which are ending up sent to other gamers are about the quality of the bag. If you're not aware about the Fallout 76 Bag Fiasco, Bethesda sent out higher quality bags to journalist outlets and then sent the cheapest, lowest quality bags they could find to actual customers.

Bethesda will need quite a bit of time to recover from all the arrows to the knee they've gotten from Fallout 76.

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