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Far Cry 6 is another addition to the beloved Far Cry series. Ubisoft has been really successful with this series from the number of sales, and ratings.The developers at Ubisoft Toronto didn’t disappoint in this addition to the series either. I am going to give you my opinions on the positives and negatives in this game.

PLOT- Yara is a fictional island that is based on the real island we know today as Cuba. It is ran by a leader known as Anton Castillo. A evil leader that has brainwashed the locals of the island, and even his own son Diego, into believing he has found a cure for cancer by turning the local crops into fields to help farm this so called cure for cancer, and distribute it through the world to make money off of, and rebuild the island. The Caribbean island of Yara is really close to civil war. It’s an exciting massive open world to explore. It’s full of secrets to figure out. Plus it’s loaded with treasure hunts, and side quest for you to do. The main missions are called operations. I enjoyed my play time that took between 20 to 25 hours to complete, and of course maybe longer depending on your play style. I’m sure that half of the players has spent easily over 30 or 40 hours trying to complete the story mode due to so much to look at and see. You will run into a lot of checkpoints, and like in other past games in the series, you can take down enemy camps as well.

CHARACTERS- The character you play as is Dani Rojas, that you can choose to be female or male. It doesn’t matter really which one you pick, because neither version will change or impact the story or the narratives. Just wanted to point that out before you did what I done, because I had to go look up to see if it would change the story based on what version I pick. It’s just a personal preference. The voice acting of course will be the only difference. This is the way I looked at it. If you want a tough Laura Croft from The Tomb Raider franchise. Then the female version is who you go with. If you want a Rambo type of character, then definitely go with the male version. At least that’s how I looked at it. And let me tell you, even though I have only played as the male version of Dani Rojas, wow the comparison to Rambo was right. As you find yourself jumping out of airplanes and trees. Coming down with parachutes and attacking enemies with a machete from the tall grass you hide in, hoping that none of the enemies saw you take one of their friends out. It is definitely a character that isn’t afraid of combat. And in saying that, it makes the player feel like they are unstoppable at times in the game. You become a part of a faction called the Libertad. You get to meet other factions throughout Yara. One of the most interesting groups you meet are the Legends of ‘67 Guerrillas

That’s not the case with Far Cry 6 in my opinion. They have said in articles that I have read, that they also put a lot of their attention into the gameplay and graphics for the PS4 version as well. I know that there is probably differences with this game being played on the next gen consoles. But I can tell the big difference would obviously be the new PS5 dualSense wireless controller with the immersive haptic feed back, and the dynamic adaptive triggers. I can promise you that that would make a world of a difference, when simply comparing it to the PS4 controller. I really enjoy playing this game even on the older controllers. The textures in certain parts of the game are more noticeable, and in other parts it’s less noticeable, as far as being able to see cracks in the walls, or just detail on surfaces. It’s a hit and miss when it comes to detail on surfaces in this game, but it’s absolutely not game breaking issues at all. It’s all in what the player pays attention to as far as details on services around you. The combat just like in every other Far Cry game is definitely the strongest part of the game. You can go in guns blazing, or you can be in complete stealth mode and I have noticed if you go into certain camps or areas in the game without being detected or shutting off the alarms without being noticed will give you bonuses at the end of the mission. And of course if you go in guns blazing, then don’t expect to see those bonuses at the end of the mission. It’s all in what the players style is. I find being aggressive being more fast pace, and I do stealth if I want a challenge and extra bonus points at the end. The Ai in this game is smart at times. You are easily seen in the open, and will have no problem noticing a dead body laying around that you took care of a minute before, and them go and set off the alarms to bring in heavier enemies, and harder to take down. I have found that taking down  an enemy with my sniper, and having other enemies within 50 yards of them, they respond to the enemy just dropping. It’s a little annoying at times. But I find it challenging because it makes you think as well. It’s not just a walk in the park when it comes to taking down enemy camps. The combat is very smooth, and the guns are really fun to shoot and to play anyway you want. There is a workbench at each camp and throughout the world, where you can modify your weapons such as Installing scopes, bigger magazines, laser sights, silencers, paint schemes to weapons, cool keychains to hook to your gun. When you go through the world, keep your eyes open everywhere because there are scrap parts, gasoline, medicine boxes, that are used to do upgrades in your camp and modify weapons. 

Rather you are flying a plane or helicopter, or maybe you are wanting to ride a boat, car, four wheelers. There is plenty of transportation, and of course really fun to drive anything. Do you have a car that is always on call anytime you need it that already comes with a machine gun hook to the car. And you are allowed to do updates on the car such as making the grill stronger or modifying your gun to make it more powerful as well. Different checkpoints where you can go through a list of cars, planes, boats, and always have them appear when you need them. Since the map of Yara Is so huge, of course you have fast travel at different locations you can unlock by progressing through the game. Lots of checkpoints and enemy camps to take down also. Tons of side missions and a new version of missions called Yaran stories that you can complete as well as treasure hunts to do and find cool armor, guns. 

When you go in the world, pay close attention to notes that you can read because it will seem overwhelming at first, but you will find out secrets of characters that you have met, or maybe letters from people you will meet later on in the game. This game can seem overwhelming at times with reading. But if you’re a player that likes to take your time, do you like to dive deep into the story in the world. Then this is the game for you. You can easily pour over 100 hours into this game, and possibly more. I can honestly say that there hasn’t been a lot of missions that are repetitive. Yes they may have missions where you save this person, and then save another. But each destination you go to is set up differently. Certain rescue missions may have different levels of enemies, or different levels of rooms and secrets to find within the mission. Tons of secret locations to explore, and secrets to find as well. 

Music and sound- To me the music is one of my favorite parts of the game. You cut the game on to do the settings you want. And I noticed there really wasnt a way to cut off the in game music until about a couple of days ago. If your like me, the first thing I go do in a game is cut off the in game music, i just always have. Just the way I like to play. But I am glad I didn’t. Putting my headphones on and listening to the bass and sounds of the game, mixed in with Latin rap or Latin hip hop. Really brings the game to life, and really matches the culture your experiencing. 

Rather it was a simple fast pace or a slow instrumental beat without lyrics playing as your coming up on a enemy camp and getting ready to take out a few guys with a machete in stealth mode. Or your getting ready to go in guns and all. I found it really satisfying and engaging to listen to a beat that turned into a fast paced beat during combat while taking enemies out. Or a slower beat as your in stealth. Doesn’t matter what you do with combat, the music matches it. 

For example, I was just driving down a road listening to Dani Rojas singing along to a song with enemies chasing and shooting at you, and to act like it doesn’t bother him, is really unique and kind of goofy at the same time. All to finally stop the car when the player chooses to, get out, and use a grenade launcher on the enemies vehicles behind you, and get back in the car and continue to sing like nothing happens, is just really fun and shows the developers put a lot of thought into this game by adding sense of humor and the little details just like I explained. 

Bugs and glitches-  Now when it comes to glitches or bugs. I noticed when I was flying a helicopter or plane, or just anything that you can drive. The game would pause for about 5 seconds. But always continue to play. That pause and delay would happen quite often. But go away for about an hour then happen again. Or you can go hours without seeing it, I don’t know the game can’t decide what it wants to do sometimes. I have had the game crash on me once so far. The NPC’s  would act like you wasn’t there while talking. Once you shoot an enemy. They were clearly done, but there body parts wasn’t done. They would shake and jump. Some enemies would look like they had there arm stuck in the wall after shooting them. Sometimes you would try to grab a ledge and it wouldn’t let you pull yourself up, and took about a couple of times to finally pull yourself up. That was a little annoying at times. I was hoping with the few patches they have put on since release date. These problems would’ve been solved by now, but unfortunately when I played it last night, they were still there. 

But don’t let all this impact your decision at all. These issues are not game breaking issues. It’s not a Cyberpunk 2077  issue at all!! I can promise you that the good definitely out weighs the bugs or glitches. I recommend this game to anyone that likes open world, adventure, mystery, combat all in one. 


• bugs and glitches

• textures and detail blurry at times

• images popping in and out of the picture

• NPC’s behavior could use some improvements


• combat 

• gameplay

• music and deep story

• customization

• freedom to play how you want to play

I hope this has helped someone. I’m new to this. Look forward to putting out more reviews. 

Corey's Avatar Corey November 18th, 2021

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dibsgamer's Avatar dibsgamer
2021-11-18 19:15:39

Great review, Far Cry 6 is a fun game. Looking forward to your next review.