#1317 Final Fantasy Tactics


Lead epic battles in a new Final Fantasy world. Betrayal and darker dealings await in Square Soft's game of war. Fight hundreds of battles across dangerous 3D terrain as an ancient blood feud awakens a deadlier foe. * Command knights, mages, ninjas and more * Based on Final Fantasy characters and magic * 19 character classes, 400 abilities * Deep customization options * In-game interactive manual * Only on PlayStation.

Release Dates

January 28th, 1998 (8388 days ago)
September 17th, 2009 (4138 days ago)
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The Case For A New Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics has been hugely popular since its 1997 release, spawning spiritual sequels and many imitators, so it's time for a new release.
Despite the overall difficulty of this game being just right, it does have some glaring issues. For one, enemies do scale in level (which is understandable since there are random encounters), which wouldn´t...
This game does not hold your hand. It is the only entry in the series (apart from the Jagds in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance) with perma death. Meaning if one does not play carefuly some units will never...
I´d say this game has the best in the Tactics series mainly due to how the "timer" operates. A unit´s turn is dictated by their speed and previous action, however, some actions are...
FFT probably has the best story out of all FF games, despite it not even belonging to the mainline games. The characters are fleshed out, each of their motivations and goals are clearly defined. Ramza...
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