Final Fantasy Tactics video game

Social caste, Betrayal, Conspiracy and Demons!


FFT probably has the best story out of all FF games, despite it not even belonging to the mainline games. The characters are fleshed out, each of their motivations and goals are clearly defined. Ramza is sick of seeing kingdoms squabble and backstab each other, he shuns his Beoulve (aristocratic) name and begins his adventure by attempting to save a princess. However, things quickly take a turn for the worst as he is enveloped in a large conspiracy. Some of the themes this game explores are the value of human life, equality and social relations. I´d the story remains interesting throughout the game, though it does quickly devolve into DEMONS! fare late in the game which undermines a lot of the beginning narrative. Then again, this is a world with magic and monsters so the tone isn´t too out of place.

anon's Avatar anon December 25th, 2016

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