Final Fantasy Tactics video game

Turn-based Timer


I´d say this game has the best in the Tactics series mainly due to how the "timer" operates. A unit´s turn is dictated by their speed and previous action, however, some actions are not instantaneous, such as casting spells. This means one has to successfully strategize when using these kind of techniques. Timing is everything in this game. Each job has a solid variety of skills meaning one can make a tailor-made party for certain situations. The terrain is varied, making height differences quite important, especially when facing magicians and long-range fighters. Combining certain jobs can make for some interesting units, such as a teleporting ninja. Each action gives LP points that are used to purchase skills, one can master certain jobs or pick skills from different jobs to make a more unorthodox unit.

anon's Avatar anon December 25th, 2016

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