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Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright was designed to appeal to gamers who are either new to SRPG's or those who played Fire Emblem Awakening. Birthright is very similar to Awakening in the way the players can grind for EXP, Gold and other resources such as weapons, items and extra materials to be exchanged as an alternate form of currency back at your Castle.

This game design choice that makes the game easier and allows for more EXP + Gold grinding has its good points and bad points:

The Good: The game is very accessible to new players even on Classic mode on a high difficulty. Yet, it's also fun and engaging for veteran players too because the enemies on extra maps are scaled to match your difficulty settings. Making it a well balanced system that makes for more relaxed playthroughs.

The bad: Birthright may be TOO easy for some. If you get bored with Birthright then either increase the difficulty to hard or lunatic mode or give Conquest a try. You won't be disappointed~

Basically to get the most fun out of the JP or NA version of Fates you should buy the one that matches your play style and skill level, then decide whether you like Nohr or Hoshido best. I recommend buying both games just for the core gameplay if nothing else.

Chronoslantern's Avatar Chronoslantern July 21st, 2016

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