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Fire Emblem Fates Soleil x Foleo Support B Localization Changes


Treehouse continued to make the relationship between these two characters more about hair than the ambiguous appearance. The whole tone of the conversation is massively changed. Worse, it devolves into talk about wigs, shampoo, etc. You can also see how far they dumbed it down and made it more "child friendly", by removing things like "take a bath with me" and replacing it with talking about wishing they had cute hair too. The romantic parts about washing back is also replaced with talk about curling hair. It's like they took this entire conversation and turned it completely G rated, when it was barely even PG-13. The renaming of Foleo to Forrest grings me the wrong way too. Did they really take Foleo to be similar to foliage and end up with "Forrest"?

youie's Avatar youie February 18th, 2017

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