FunnyPizzaLand video game

FunnyPizzaLand is a surreal adventure game with dark atmosphere that was designed back in 2001 to be a playable painting.

Welcome to the expressive art world of FunnyPizzaLand, a game that was designed to be a playable painting.

You are Pedro, the usually happy owner of a famous restaurant in PIZZALAND.
Business wasn't going well lately, so one day he made the one and only life-changing decision: hunt down the evil GlobalMediaMonster.

Help Pedro on his trip and jump and run through an surreal 3D adventure like you have never seen it before. Meet freaky dudes, misterious creatures and hot ladies and visit places beginning from the darkness of the catacombs to the creepy castle on top of PIZZALAND's mountains.
Are you ready for the final showdown against the GlobalMediaMonster?!

FunnyPizzaLand is a RETRO experience and a real classic. It's a experimental game that was already developed back in 2001 for Windows XP.

. designed to be a playable painting
. Internet classic from 2001!
. surreal, hand crafted art world with dark atmosphere
. original low resolution RETRO visuals
. with possible Happy End ;)

FunnyPizzaLand video game

FunnyPizzaLand video game

FunnyPizzaLand video game

FunnyPizzaLand video game

FunnyPizzaLand video game


Roman's Avatar Roman August 7th, 2022

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Comments & Discussion

sourPatch13's Avatar sourPatch13
2022-08-07 23:16:11

This game looks so bizarre and cool. Following it for sure, looking forward to more updates! I live these kinds of dark horror and weird games and TV shows.