Ghostrunner video game
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As the player progresses through the story, they will unlock new abilities and upgrades, which they can apply using tetromino-like pieces on a grid system.
First Release October 27, 2020
Last Release September 28, 2021

User Descriptions

As the player progresses through the story, they will unlock new abilities and upgrades, which they can apply using tetromino-like pieces on a grid system. Ghostrunner is set in Dharma Tower, a massive skyscraper-like arcology housing the remainder of humanity after an unspecified global calamity known as the Burst. The Ghostrunner awakens with no memory, but is directed to liberate a digital intelligence known as the Architect, the preserved mind of Adam that created and ruled Dharma Tower and designed the Ghostrunners, technologically enhanced supersoldiers that served as a peacekeeping and policing tool. The Architect was betrayed by his confidant Mara in a coup which destroyed most of the Ghostrunner units, with her being now known as the Keymaster. The Ghostrunner was found by a group of rebels known as the Climbers for repairs, though the rebellion was exterminated immediately prior to the Ghostrunner's reactivation. The Architect tasks the Ghostrunner with defeating the Keymaster. The Ghostrunner accesses the remaining Cybervoid systems, the digital network connecting Dharma Tower, and the foundation upon which the Architect's intelligence is supported. Doing so allows the Architect to correct damage to the Ghostrunner's code. The Ghostrunner is contacted by Zoe, a surviving Climber who aids the Ghostrunner in his journey to defeat the Keymaster. Mara disables the air filtration systems of the district the rebellion took place in, which would result in all residents of the district dying to the radioactive dust present in the Outside atmosphere. The Ghostrunner complies with Zoe's request that he reinitialize the turbines to the Architect's dismay, who considers such matters a distraction. The Ghostrunner uses the Amida elevator to reach Dharma City, the Tower's privileged region. The unit steals the data, forcing the Ghostrunner to defeat it to gain the upgrades stored in the data.

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