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Posted By   canya's Avatar canya   on October 22nd, 2017 Report

The Gran Turismo series IS PlayStation’s flagship driving game. It’s one of the most popular racing series of all time, with Polyphony Digital releasing a new game on every PlayStation console to date. Gran Turismo Sport is this generation’s first, and while the name doesn’t have a number behind it, it is a main entry in a series which has seen spin-offs occasionally. This sentiment comes directly from Kazunori Yamauchi, and it’s a strange one as the series creator has taken this franchise in an entirely new direction with this release. GT Sport is bewildering in its design, breaking away from a conventional structure that games in this series (and racing games in general) has adhered to for quite some time. It takes a less is more approach, offering less cars and tracks, less single player content, and trades that for exacting detail and a laser focus on competition. If anything, GT Sport is ambitious…perhaps to a fault.

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