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Granblue Fantasy Versus is mainly a fighting game where the goal is to eliminate the enemy by using a combination of attacks to empty their opponent's life bar enough times to win the match. In an attempt to give newer players an easier time to master the game, each character has "Skybound Arts."[9] Each Skybound Art corresponds to a skill that the character is able to use in the main Granblue Fantasy game. Each skill can be triggered with a simple button press, but the player will have to wait for a short period for the used Skybound Art to cool down before they can use it again. However, if the player uses a more advanced combination of movement and button presses to launch the attack, the cooldown time on the skill will be shortened.


Release Dates

March 3rd, 2020 (211 days ago)
March 13th, 2020 (201 days ago)
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Zooey and her dragons soar into Granblue Fantasy Versus to restore order

www.pcinvasion.comThe final character added to Granblue Fantasy Versus is one of the most powerful. Zooey is a master of the sword, lighting, and has dragons.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus Sequel May Launch Cross-Gen on PS5

www.playstationlifestyle.netAccording to an interview with the creative director of Granblue Fantasy: Versus a sequel to the popular, new fighter could potentially see a cross-gen launch on both the PlayStation...

Granblue Fantasy: Versus Matera Nude Mods Available For Download

www.oneangrygamer.netIt took a little effort, a bit of time, and a lot of dedication, but modders have managed to finally crack the code and roll out a full nude mod for Arc System

REVIEW: Granblue Fantasy: Versus

operationrainfall.comWe were very excited to check out Granblue Fantasy: Versus when it was announced for PlayStation 4. Let's see if it meets our expectations!

Granblue Fantasy Versus: Where is Our Review for the New Fighter?

www.dualshockers.comTo put it simply, we want to check out the online features during launch before we post our Granblue Fantasy Versus review.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus Physical Premium Editions Cancelled In Europe

www.oneangrygamer.netCygame's Granblue Fantasy: Versus is gearing up for launch in March in the West but it's not all rainbows and sunshine. Marvelous Entertainment recently infor

New Granblue Fantasy Versus Trailer and Screenshots Are All About First DLC Character Beelzebub

twinfinite.netCygames released a new trailer of its fighting game Granblue Fantasy Versus, focusing on the first DLC character, Beelzebub. 

Granblue Fantasy: Versus packs a punch

techraptor.netGranblue Fantasy might seem like your usual JRPG affair: a young and resilient hero meets a timid yet mystical princess as she flees from the totalitarian empire. He protects her; she links...

Granblue Fantasy: Versus Makes Uncensored Outfits Unlockable Via RPG Mode

www.oneangrygamer.netNews had spread in previous months that certain characters in the PS4 fighting game Granblue Fantasy: Versus were censored. Specifically, the sexy female charac

Granblue Fantasy: Versus Launches March 3rd in North America

nichegamer.comXSeed Games have announced the North American release date for Granblue Fantasy: Versus.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus 'Lancelot vs. Percival' gameplay

www.gematsu.comGranblue Fantasy: Versus will have dedicated background music for certain character matchups, like “Lancelot vs. Percival” and “Zeta vs. Vaseraga.” Special lines will be spoken by...

New Granblue Fantasy Versus Screenshots & Art Show Sierokarte, Training Mode Options & Tactics Mode

twinfinite.netCygames is continuing to showcase new assets of the upcoming fighting game by Arc System Works Granblue Fantasy Versus for PlayStation 4.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus 'Knickknack Shack' gameplay

www.gematsu.comThe Granblue Fantasy: Versus official Twitter account has posted a short gameplay video of the Knickknack Shack. While you can obtain weapons by completing quests in RPG Mode, you can also...

Zeta Trailer for Granblue Fantasy: Versus

nichegamer.comPublisher XSEED Games has shared a new character trailer for Granblue Fantasy: Versus. Featured above, the new trailer shows off the “Crimson Spear” Zeta. Using her spear, Zeta can drive...

Granblue Fantasy Versus Introduces Fighters Zeta and Vaseraga, Boxart and Limited Edition Set Revealed

www.dualshockers.comGranblue Fantasy Versus gets two new fighters added to the growing roster, as well as the reveal of the boxart and limited edition set.

Granblue Fantasy Versus - Here's Your First Look at Blue Percival 2nd Color in Action

twinfinite.netToday, during a broadcast from EVO 2019, Cygames and XSEED Games showcased the first gameplay of Percival’s second color in Granblue Fantasy Versus. Percival, who is the latest character...
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