Hood: Outlaws & Legends video game
Rank: #169
The first phase requires the player to steal the key from the Sheriff of Nottingham, a boss character in the game.
First Release May 7, 2021
Last Release May 10, 2021

User Descriptions

The player assumes control of an outlaw who must infiltrate a keep of an authoritarian power named the State, and compete against a rival team to steal the treasure hidden in the keep's vault. The first phase requires the player to steal the key from the Sheriff of Nottingham, a boss character in the game. Once the player acquires the key, they are given clues regarding the location of the vault, though the opponent team would also be notified. The opponent team can also observe the behaviors of the AI and pinpoint the location of the opposite team. Different characters in the game have different weapons and abilities. The location of a vault in a map is randomly decided, and the AI will exhibit different patrol pattern in each playthrough. After each match, the player can access the Scales of Justice, where they will decide the amount of gold they will keep and the amount they will give back to the people. Being generous unlocks more perks and skills, but they needs to be purchased through gold owned by the player. CCP Newcastle, the developer of Eve Valkyrie, was acquired by Sumo Digital from CCP Games in January 2018 and renamed to Sumo Newcastle. The Sheriff was inspired by Tyrant from the Resident Evil games. Robin of Locksley, and Robin the Earl of Huntingdon, two competing legends, laid the foundation for the game's premise. The team avoided naming the characters in the game as Robin Hood because " who was behind the hood was far more interesting than defining ". The studio deliberately avoided naming any location or set the game in a known period so that the gameplay team will have less restrictions and more creative freedom.


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