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Human: Fall Flat is an open-ended physics based puzzle game in which you take control of builder Bob helping him resolve the mysteries behind his recurring dreams of falling. Your goal is to escape those dreams full of puzzles, dangers and surprises using everything you find in the levels. The world of Bob dreams is built on his daily experiences, hopes, fears and memories interweaved in a net so sticky and hard to escape. All this mess is actually a carefully crafted work of… wait! You are the one to find it out! Bob is a human. Just a human. No hero. Zero superpowers. Period. With open-ended simulator at its core “Human: Fall Flat” allows you to relive Bobs story your own way. Every shortcut can be taken, every solution is welcome! The game requires creativity and imagination. These often surreal environments do obey very real laws of the physics, if you think an object could be moved then rest assured it can. Replay value is limited only by your imagination.


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Release Dates

July 22nd, 2016 (1531 days ago)
May 9th, 2017 (1240 days ago)
December 7th, 2017 (1028 days ago)
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User Posts For: Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat getting boxed Anniversary Edition

nintendoeverything.comA new boxed Anniversary Edition for Human: Fall Flat is on the way. The physics-based puzzle and exploration game will be receiving the retail release with all download content made...

Human: Fall Flat - new "Factory" level trailer

nintendoeverything.comIt was announced earlier this week that Human: Fall Flat is adding “Factory” as another entirely free level. Curve Digital has now shared a proper trailer for the upcoming stage,...

Human: Fall Flat to add new golf-themed level on Switch

nintendoeverything.comNo Brakes Games, d3t, and Curve Digital recently held a Worldwide Workshop Competition for Human: Fall Flat. A winner has been chosen for the Sports Day theme, which will see “Golf”...

Human: Fall Flat gets new 'Thermal' level on Switch

nintendoeverything.comCurve Digital have released a trailer for a free new level coming to Human: Fall Flat named Thermal. The level is coming to Switch in the form of a free update soon.
duel's Avatar duel 2020-03-31 11:26:08

Human: Fall Flat adding free level "Steam" on August

nintendoeverything.comNew content is making its way to Human: Fall Flat. Publisher Curve Digital and developer No Brakes Games have announced that “Steam”, an entirely new level, will be added in....
duel's Avatar duel 2019-08-21 12:15:15

Human Fall Flat Update Gets Dark

www.playstationlifestyle.netThe latest No Brakes Games Human Fall Flat update is horror-themed and will arrive later this month, bringing some darkness to the game.
spunky's Avatar spunky 2019-04-03 14:59:39
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