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Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms video game

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms - Perfect to Keep Your Geeky Self Entertained!


There’s more to this D&D-inspired game than just a new idle/clicker with a gimmick. You start the game with a single character, the Dwarven Fighter Bruenor, and along the way you recruit more characters to increase your party. You use gold from downed enemies to purchase character upgrades and increases to their stats and new abilities, from Ultimate Attacks that do a lot of damage, or healing spells that help you stay alive.

You’re doing this all because your party is on a quest. This farm is cursed, that person need rescuing, get rid of the goblins in those sewers, and so on. The stronger your party gets, the further they can progress. The quests dovetail nicely into each other, too. Find something odd during one quest, go back later to check it out and end up with an entirely new quest. The whole thing is designed to lead you along in a story — or more specifically, an epic RP session.

Each stage in the quest is harder than the one before it, so you can’t just coast by on your initial stats and abilities. And the progression curve is really steep at later stages. Right now I can power through a good 60-70 stages before hitting any sort of difficultly, but above that, I sometimes have to grind for hours just to get strong enough to move ahead even a little bit.

Premium items can be bought, as you’d expect from a game like this. Gems can be bought with real-world money, which you then exchange for chests. Chests contain all sorts of useful items, from bounty scrolls that provide you an immediate stash of gold, to equipment for the characters in your party. It’s the equipment you really want, since they can boost stats and gold acquisition significantly. What you find in chests is random, of course, but it’s all useful.

For a free game, you really get a lot. You get an epic adventure with characters who will be familiar to fans of the Forgotten Realms. You get one of the most addictive idle/clicker games I’ve ever played. The more I play, the more fun I have playing, and the more I want to convince friends to play (even though that provides me no in-game benefit, so far as I can tell).

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a fun game that will keep your geeky self amused for potentially hours at a time, or for a game that is familiar enough in some ways but offers something unique, then hop on Steam and grab Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. It’s definitely worth your time.

QuadNines's Avatar QuadNines October 11th, 2018

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