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Ubisoft Gods & Monsters name change due to challenge from Monster Energy

mynintendonews.comMany people online wondered why Ubisoft changed the name of Gods & Monsters to the more generic sounding, Immortals Fenyx Rising. New documents have revealed that the name change was...

Legal Documents Suggest Monster Energy Is To Blame For Ubisoft's Gods & Monsters Name Change

www.nintendolife.comWe didn't see that one coming - Ubisoft's Immortals Fenyx Rising has been a particularly interesting game to follow over t...

Monster Energy took issue with Immortals Fenyx Rising's original Gods & Monsters name

nintendoeverything.comImmortals Fenyx Rising is no longer called Gods & Monsters. While one may have thought that the change was made internally at Ubisoft, the company may have actually been forced to...

Gods and Monsters Renamed Possibly Due to Trademark Row

www.playstationlifestyle.netGods and Monsters renamed possibly due to a legal row between Ubisoft and Monster Beverage over the trademark.

Immortals Fenyx Rising promises the best of BOTW & Assassin's Creed

www.gamezone.comOne of the highlights of the recent Ubisoft Forward game showcase event is without a doubt Immortals Fenyx Rising. The colorful and vibrant open-world action-adventure has now gotten the...

Immortals Fenyx Rising Gets An Official Release Date

www.justpushstart.comUbisoft has finally announced the official release date for Immortals Fenyx Rising. This is the game previously known as Gods & Monsters.Ubisoft announced at the Ubisoft Forward digital...

Immortals Fenyx Rising is Ubisoft's Take on Zelda: Breath of the Wild, But it May Lack the Same Depth

www.dualshockers.comImmortals Fenyx Rising is looking to take on the same open world template that Breath of the Wild set in place, but with that comes some very high expectations.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Release Date Confirmed for December 3rd

www.playstationlifestyle.netImmortals Fenyx Rising release date is officially set for December 3rd. The game will launch on next-gen, current-gen, and PC.
www.thesixthaxis.comThe Microsoft Store has, once again, leaked details of a game and this time they have revealed that Immortals Fenyx Rising, or as it was previously known, Gods & Monsters, will...

Ubisoft Confirms Immortals Fenyx Rising as Gods and Monsters' New Title

www.playstationlifestyle.netUbisoft has officially confirmed that Immortals Fenyx Rising is the new name of its adventure title previously known as Gods & Monsters.

Gods & Monsters Has Been Renamed Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Will Be at Ubisoft's Next Livestream

www.pushsquare.comFrom the ashes - It's official: Gods & Monsters, the open world action title from the team behind Assassin's Creed Ody...
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