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The jobs are represented as tongue-in-cheek approximations of real occupations: "Auto Mechanic", "Gourmet Chef", "Store Clerk" and "Office Worker." Accompanied by a computer character who provides exposition and instructions, players perform tasks associated with that occupation, some realistic and others comical. After completing a certain amount of tasks, the player is offered to go back to the museum or continue interacting with the environment. When performing car repairs in the auto-mechanic simulation, players can choose what style of parts to use as replacements and are allowed to perform repairs and replacements that aren't requested by the customer. Much of the game's humor comes from both stereotypical and exaggerated situations in the jobs performed: as a chef, the player is asked to bribe a food critic and navigate around the particular allergies of an underage customer having a birthday; as a car mechanic, the boss instructs the player to sabotage cars or strip a car for parts.


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April 5th, 2016 (1633 days ago)
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Job Simulator Sales Surpass 1 Million, Second VR-Only Game to Do So

www.playstationlifestyle.netJob Simulator sales have passed the one million mark, making it the second "made for VR" game to achieve the milestone, behind Beat Saber.
wondergamer's Avatar wondergamer 2020-01-10 19:48:06
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