#133 Keep Defending

Keep Defending is a first-person VR tower defense archery game where you build up your defenses during the enemy onslaught. Target enemies before they reach your gate and earn gold to set up ever more capable defenses including crossbows, wizards, knights, cannons, and more. Additional Ambush and Advance scenarios present alternative challenges in this growing VR experience.

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ReleasesDecember 8th, 2017 6 days ago December 8th, 2016 371 days ago

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One of the few SteamVR games that's proven worth looking at again, Keep Defending (it's a pun!) is a VR Tower Defense done really really well. Use
2017-07-25 09:16:04 by CryMorGaming in Keep Defending

You Love Puns? | Keep Defending | CONSIDERS VIRTUAL REALITY

Keep Defending is the punniest game title, because you keep defending your keep, which you are defending. It's a tower defense game brought to VR
2017-04-12 16:00:37 by CryMorGaming in Keep Defending

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