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Kingdom Come: Deliverance PC Performance Analysis

Posted By   newton's Avatar newton
February 17th, 2018

All in all, Kingdom Come: Deliverance currently suffers from optimization issues on NVIDIA’s graphics cards. The green team will have to work with Warhorse in order to address them as its GPUs are currently under-performing in this particular title. Apart from these performance issues, the game scales incredibly well on multiple CPU cores/threads. Furthermore, Warhorse has included numerous graphics settings to tweak and we did not notice any mouse acceleration or smoothing issues.

It's a real surprise that the game is having issues with Nvidia cards. Normally, you mostly see issues with AMD until they sort out their drivers. But it looks like Nvidia has the work to do this time.

Other than that, performance-wise and graphically the game is doing great. It scales well with more cores, so the better CPU you have, the better off you'll run the game. We constantly hear promises of developers telling us that more cores will make your game run faster, but very often they are nothing but lies. It seems Warhorse has done an amazing job getting this game to scale well to many CPU cores, no doubt thanks to Kingdom Come: Deliverance using CryEngine gaming engine.

I was really surprised and impressed with how well the game runs when you are out doors. Kingdom Come: Deliverance has a ton of dense plants outside, which usually runs horribly. But in this case, it runs great.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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