Kingdom Two Crowns video game
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In the game, players control a mounted monarch as they attempt to defend their kingdom from monsters called the Greed.

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In the game, players control a mounted monarch as they attempt to defend their kingdom from monsters called the Greed. Kingdom Two Crowns features single-player and cooperative multiplayer, with cooperative play enabling two monarchs to join via a split-screen. The developers originally intended for the game to act as an expansion of its predecessor Kingdom: New Lands. Series creator Thomas "Noio" van den Berg wanted to develop a new experience centered around defending structures, and decided to reduce the difficulty of the previous games' roguelike mechanics. The game attracted over 300,000 players within six months of launch, and was supported by Raw Fury with a number of updates and expansions. Kingdom Two Crowns is a 2Dstrategy and resource management game presented from a side-scrolling perspective. Gameplay takes place across a day-night cycle, with the monarch exploring and building during the day, and fighting the Greed at night. Located outside the kingdom are a number of camps, where the monarch can spend coins to hire new subjects. Typical jobs include builders who clear land and construct defenses, farmers that grow crops for gold, or archers that hunt animals for coin and attack enemies. The kingdom is located in the center of the procedurally generated level, and at night, the Greed attack it from the left and right. If the villagers are not protected by the walls, they can have their coins and equipment stolen by the Greed, and must be recruited again. Furthermore, the Greed can take coins from the monarch, and if the player has no remaining coins, the Greed can steal their crown, causing a game over. Gems are used to purchase upgrades for the kingdom, such as mounts that the monarch can ride on, hermits that can be hired to make new buildings, or statues that provide benefits for the kingdom's subjects.


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