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bloody's Avatar bloody September 5th, 2021

Kitaria Fables is a delightful action RPG that focuses on many types of crafts. It takes set in a world populated by anthropomorphic characters, and it would be wonderfully cozy if monsters didn't prowl the countryside.

Kitaria Fables video game
There is a plot here involving an empire, the prohibition of magical spells, and a gathering darkness, but it isn't really the emphasis, even if it does offer you a chance to venture out and explore the game's divided sections. Exploration leads to the discovery of new materials, and new materials lead to the creation of better equipment. With better equipment, you may take on more hazardous creatures, and the cycle continues until the credits roll (and beyond, if you feel like it).

Kitaria Fables is, without a doubt, a grindy game. You'll frequently encounter barriers throughout the main plot or a side mission, when you'll be entrusted with exploring a dungeon that's simply too difficult for you to manage. So it's back to the blacksmith to figure out what materials are required for a gleaming new sword, a strong bow, or a bulky armour suit.

Kitaria Fables, on the other hand, is a captivating journey. The combination of responsive controls and a simple but efficient fighting system — which includes a lot of dodge rolling — results in one moreish adventure after another. Despite the combat, this can be a really quiet and pleasant game, especially when you bunker down on your farm between excursions to produce fruit and vegetables.

Kitaria Fables video game

Kitaria Fables has a lot to like with its strong Fantasy Life feel. While the grind isn't for everyone, it's a playable game that can easily consume 20 to 30 hours of your time owing to its tempting combination of battling, crafting, and farming.
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