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Kitaria Fable Review - It's a grind-fest

SwitchCowboy's Avatar SwitchCowboy September 3rd, 2021

To be honest, Kitaria Fables is not a horrible game, however unlike other farming games where the limiting element is energy or time, the limiting factor in this game is resources. They are quite restricted. I've been playing for about 3 hours and I still can't improve my beginning weapon because I need 30 orc coins, which orcs occasionally drop, and the orc camp only contains 4 or 5 orcs.

The orcs will respawn if you reload the camp, but do I really want to farm orcs for an hour to earn those coins? Oh, and I haven't even considered how many oew nuggets I'll require.

Kitaria Fables video game

Kitaria Fables is a GRIND game, not a soothing game. In one of the dialogues, the game explicitly acknowledges that. Monsters are the most common source of resources. Trees and pebbles regenerate slowly and provide little reward. So be careful what you spend your money on. I'm still looking for a monster that drops wood.

I enjoy the farming feature, which allows you to sow numerous seeds with a single click. I'm thinking that if I was able to update tools anytime soon, the improved tools would provide me with the same choice for watering and tilling.

Kitaria Fables is a hack'n'slash game with modest farming features.


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