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Posted By   spot's Avatar spot   on November 9th, 2017 Report

TechRadar was recently able to go hands-on with the new Switch version of L.A. Noire. The site reported on functionality that Nintendo’s system offers, gameplay tweaks, and more.

Here’s a roundup of information:

– Runs 1080p docked

– 720p resolution in handheld mode

– Game may have some pop-in during driving sequences

– Interrogations have been streamlined

– You now have three clear options to pick when responding to a suspect’s story

– Good Cop: play along in a supportive manner

– Bad Cop: get aggressive with your questioning

– Accuse: accuse the suspect

– These three options will now appear next to your suspect in large, noirish lettering

– Can be played with a Pro Controller

– You’re able to use the Switch’s touchscreen in handheld mode

– Interact with crime scenes and clues, tapping on items to pick them up and moving them around with the drag of a finger

– This touch functionality also makes it easier to interact with your notebook

– Notebook has your clues, addresses and questions for suspects

– A new simplified form of movement has also been introduced, allowing you to tap on your surrounding environment and have Cole walk towards it

– By detaching the Joy-Con, you can use motion controls to aim and control the camera, rotate and inspect clues from various angles, and even put up your dukes and brawl

– New unlockable outfits and two new cinematic camera angles, which allow the player to get a much wider view of a crime scene

– Closer look with a tighter, over-the-shoulder viewpoint

Most of these look like improvements, but "streamline" is usually code word for make things easier. I admit I missed L.A. Noire the first time, I think a little update to the game on Switch might have me buying it.

Read More @ nintendoeverything.com
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