Lair of the Clockwork God blends platforming with a point & click adventure in February

Posted By   ultrastar's Avatar ultrastar   on January 31st, 2020 Report
Having been announced last March at EGX Rezzed, Lair of the Clockwork God is gearing up for release on 21st February, and it’s got a fresh new trailer with a wonderfully over the top soundtrack to boot. A good decade on from Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That – two games that are almost certainly in your Steam library, somehow – Dan Marshall and Ben Ward have reunited to create a third adventure game. This one’s a little bit different though, as they step into the world of genre mash-ups. While the first two were odes to LucasArts Adventures of old, Dan now wants to be an indie platforming game star, much to the despair of Ben, who absolutely refuses to let his feet leave the floor. The two of them have to overcome and stop all the Apocalypses by teach a computer about feelings, combining their skills together as you switch back and forth between the characters. If that seems like your kind of jam – and with the trailer showing more than a few references to things like Super Meat Boy and Sonic, it’s up my street – the game is out for PC on 21st February, and you can Wishlist it on Steam now. Source: Dan Marshall
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