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Lexulous, A Word Game For Everyone

AmelieDavis's Avatar AmelieDavis November 22nd, 2021

There is an old belief that online gamers belong to younger generations. However, Lexulous is an online word puzzle game that can be played by all age groups. It is a game that builds acute memory, verbal aptitude, and presence of mind. The game can be played in single mode as well as in multiplayer mode.

I personally love this game because

  1. Lexulous offers the usual familiarity of word games that one might have played long ago, recollecting the days of easygoing childhood.
  2. Its navigation is so simple that elderly people can play the word puzzles without any difficulty.
  3. One of its interesting features is that it attempts to unite families in the multiplayer mode where family members can play the game with each other. This in turn enhances family bonding and lets the members connect to others through entertainment.
  4. It also has an in-built dictionary where users can find new words or older words with contemporary definitions.

In my opinion, one might find it as a perfect gaming environment as it establishes knowledge in vocabulary as well as a good time to spend by joining different letters and creating magical outcomes. You can also be a part of the like-minded people's community through its forum.


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Comments & Discussion

SohiniBanerjee's Avatar SohiniBanerjee
2021-11-23 02:12:04
I have been playing it for some time and really became addicted to it, if anybody wants to increase vocabulary I would suggest playing this game, really great!
lisamillor's Avatar lisamillor
2021-11-23 03:08:14
This is a worth playing game if you like word puzzles!
EvaSmith's Avatar EvaSmith
2021-11-23 03:36:29
Perfect game to increase vocabulary, knowledge and presence of mind!!