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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Release Date Reportedly Leaked

At least two retailers have apparently leaked Mass Effect Legendary Edition release date, which falls in line with the official Spring 2021 window.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Release Date Revealed by Retailers

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition release date has apparently been leaked by a pair of foreign retailers, suggesting that the game might arrive a little earlier than expected.

Rumour: Mass Effect Legendary Edition Release Date Set for 12th March

Geth in - The official release window for Mass Effect Legendary Edition is 'Spring 2021', but a full date may have just be...

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Has One Clear Choice

Recent news about the future of the Mass Effect franchise makes one key decision obvious in the upcoming Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

All the changes made to ME3's Ending Before Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect 3's controversial ending went through several ideas and revisions, pre- and post-release, so here's an interesting look at them.

Comparing Mass Effect Legendary Edition's Companions to Their Original

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will see some fan-favorite companions undergo major graphical upgrades, but so far some are faring better than others.

How Romances May or May Not Change for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will be a remaster of all three original trilogy games and include all previous DLC—will the romance system change too?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Announced By BioWare

BioWare has announced that it is currently working on Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The first three games will be remastered!The Mass Effect trilogy was popular in the PS3/Xbox 360 era, and now fans can...

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Announced for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Publisher Electronic Arts and developer BioWare have announced Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The newly remastered set of all three games in the series – Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect...

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Finally Confirmed, Coming 2021

After months of rumors and speculation, it looks like Mass Effect is finally making a comeback with an all-new remaster of the series with the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.  The Legendary Edition...

Bioware will most likely reveal Mass Effect Legendary Edition tomorrow, and here is a glimpse at its box art

Bioware announced that it will make an interesting announcement tomorrow on its blog. And, in case you didn't know, tomorrow is the N7 Day.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition gets rated in Korea

In The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea, the rumored Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been rated, which points to more evidence that a trilogy collection is indeed coming in the near...

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Pops Up Again With a Rating in Korea

Further evidence to the existence Mass Effect Legendary Edition pops up, courtesy of a game rating by the Korean ratings board.
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