Mcdonald's Treasure Land Adventure video game

McDonald's Treasureland Adventure Easter Egg Music Explained

This easter egg was discovered after 27 years since release. It's a really interesting easter egg that shows off some 3D objects which is impressive when you remember this is running on a barebones Sega Genesis. The music that plays alongside this easter egg is something else and the rest of the internet seems baffled and a little creeped out. However since I have actually played the game I know where this music is from so I'll explain it all here. It's a shame more people don't go actually give this game a play, it's surprisingly good. Clips borrowed from: ChocoNanaKens - Erin Plays - Fanout Crew - KarmaJolt -

SamuraiPixelCats's Avatar SamuraiPixelCats February 4th, 2022

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