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Metroid Dread video game
Rank: #769
Raven Beak reprogrammed the EMMI robots and lured Samus to ZDR to extract the Metroid DNA implanted in her during the events of Fusion, which would allow him to revive the extinct Metroids..
First Release October 8, 2021
Last Release October 8, 2021

Nintendo aware of Metroid Dread crash, fix on the way

Fyonae's Avatar Fyonae October 17th, 2021
Metroid Dread has been received exceptionally well across the board, marking a grand return for Samus and a collective “Oh, god, not like this!” for E.M.M.I. Unfortunately, it’s been confirmed by Nintendo itself that there’s a known bug that can occur near the end of the game that prevents progress...
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