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August 17th, 2020 (195 days ago)
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Gets New Screenshots Showing Twin Otter, Airbus A220, Corsair, & Berlin Airport

Third-party developers are continuing to show off impressive screenshots of upcoming add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Piper PA28Rs & Airbus A220 Get New Screenshots

Third-party developers have released new screenshots of their upcoming aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator - Chofu Airport Released; Coventry & T-45C Goshawk Get New Screenshots

Third-party add-on developers are continuing to work around the clock to deliver new scenery and aircraft to Microsoft Flight Simulator users.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A220 & CRJ Get New Screenshots Showing Air Tanzania Livery, Skycam, & More

More images have been released today showcasing two aircraft coming from third-party developers to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Palma De Mallorca, Berlin, & More Airports Showcased in New Screenshots

Third-party developers are continuing to work hard on new airports to enrich the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Brisbane City Pack Released by Orbx; Airport Amazonia Pack Free For a Day

Today third-party developer Orbx released another of its City Packs for Microsoft Flight Simulator, this time around, dedicated to Brisbane.

Microsoft Flight Simulator - Piper PA-28 Arrow III Announced by Carenado; Msembe Airport Free Only For Today

Today Carenado announced a classic aircraft coming for Microsoft Flight Simulator, while a scenic airport is free for a (very) limited time.

Microsoft Flight Simulator CRJ Add-On's First Tutorial Video Will Give You a Taste of Hardcore Simulation

Today Aerosoft released the first full tutorial video of its Bombardier CRJ aircraft add-on package for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator CRJ Add-On Gets Gorgeous Screenshots & Interesting Tutorial Video Preview

Aerosoft is working hard on putting the finishing touches on its upcoming Bombardier CRJ package for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Gets KDCA Washington Airport Video & Macau Screenshots; Tivat Is Free for a Day

Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on developers are hard at work to bring new scenery to enrich the sim's world.

Microsoft Flight Simulator CRJ & Twin Otter Get More Screenshots Showing Another Delta Livery & Cockpit

Aerosoft has been very keen to showcase more screenshots of its upcoming aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator as of late.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Spitfire & CRJ Get New Screenshots; Minamidaito & Kitadaito Released

Third-party developers are continuing to enrich the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and new assets have been released today.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Nelson Airport in New Zealand Announced by NZA Simulations

Third-party developer NZA Simulations announced another airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Nelson (NZNS) in New Zealand.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A220 Video Shows Beacon Light in Action

Today Whiskey Jet Simulations has continued its quest to show off progress on its Airbus A220 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator F-15 Eagle Getting Major Update Next Week; F-14 Tomcat Teased

Today brought good news for those who enjoy flying military jets in Microsoft Flight Simulator, featuring the F-15 and F-14.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Milano Linate Airport Released by JetStream Designs

JetStream Designs released another relevant airport add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it's Milano Linate (LIML).

Microsoft Flight Simulator - Orbx Announces Seafront Simulations Partnership & Singapore Release Date

Today third-party developer and publisher Orbx announced had Microsoft Flight Simulator news to share via press release.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Brisbane & Minamidaito Add-Ons Get New Screenshots Aplenty

With new add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator being developed at a speedy clip, more screenshots have been revealed for two of them.
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