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Ni No Kuni Gets A Bad Rap For Being Too Easy

cutter's Avatar cutter
  May 14th, 2021

I just want to start out by saying that I'm not like a typical game journalist who cries over having to beat a game on normal and struggles with tutorials. I've been playing JRPGs and video games for a long time, I almost always jump directly into Hard difficulty at the least. When I started Ni No Kuni, I was pretty disappointed to see there was no hard mode. Coupled with the fact that I've heard the game is pretty easy to begin with, I was a little worried. But, I pushed onward.

Ni No Kuni does not deserve the easy reputation that it has. Is the game too easy? No, it's not. Is it hard? It can be. I'm about 30 hours in and I've apparently made some mistakes that have left me struggling a bit. I think it has a problem a lot of games with this art style has, where it has childish looking graphics and characters so people assume it's easy.

There's lots of room for making big mistakes in Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch, like using fast travel to avoid fighting enemies so you end up underleveled, or metamorphing your familiars too early. They start over at level 1 but have more potential for growth, so it's good to metamorph your familiars but if you do it before a boss battle or something, you're in serious trouble.

The battle system is real time, it's fun. There's lot of fast paced situations where a big attack is coming that will wipe out your team, so you have to tell your allies to defend while you defend yourself.

Ni No Kuni has lots of areas where you will get in trouble if you wander where you're not supposed to be. There was even a part I remember where you're by yourself and the monsters are way too strong, you have a very low chance of beating them. So you have to avoid them the best you can until you can come back with more party members.

Ni No Kuni's difficulty is not too easy. After spending about 30 hours on it, I'm happy with it. don't be disappointed by the art style, it's actually Studio Ghibli, a famous anime studio. If you like anime, don't be put off by Ni No Kuni, it's like playing an innocent Anime that will challenge you. It may start off a little easy, but pretty much every single JRPG does this. So if you're a fan of JRPGs, you basically know to ignore the first hour or so if the game will be good.

So go play it! The difficulty of Ni No Kuni is great, it's not too easy and it's not too hard.

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