No Man's Sky PC Port Has Major Issues

Posted By   thegamer's Avatar thegamer   on August 12th, 2016 Report
Despite the arguments around review copies and the media,  No Man’s Sky PC port has shown that the lack of information and review copies available can leave consumers without vital information at a game’s launch. This is despite a delay for the PC version from Hello Games, which you’d assume would have been to fix these kinds of issues, as opposed to adding 21:9 support like Sean Murray indicated that they did. Many of the top reviews on Steam are indicating they can’t even get in to play the game, as players are experiencing white screens and then repeated crashes. While the game did have reported crashes as well, it seems to be taken to a whole another level with the PC version of the game, as some people can’t even get the game to start. While there’s a lack of inputs on a controller and thus for the PlayStation 4, that’s not the case for the PC. Read More @

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