No Man's Sky Visions Update Is Arriving Tomorrow, Here's What to Expect

Posted By   Player2's Avatar Player2   on November 21st, 2018 Report

No Man's Sky has had a very troubled history, but the developers have stuck with the game trying to make it into something more like they originally hyped it to be.

November 22nd, 2018, we're getting a new update to No Man's Sky, the "Visions Update". This update is a fancy name for version 1.75 of the game. Some of the new features will include:

New biomes with a lot of land based content. This should, in theory, make exploration a lot more interesting and create new worlds with more interesting and less repetitive content. No Man's Sky marine world is also getting the same improvements, to make exploring more interesting.

Rainbows have been added, which appear during certain weather events, just like real life. At the end of a rainbow, there is a crystal treasure for you to find, which can be traded for money.

There are now artifacts to find on planets. This is a great addition, as it gives a reason for exploring, along with the treasure at the end of the rainbow. My little time spent with No Man's Sky in the early days really had me wonder why I would be exploring and fixing all this gear. At least this provides some incentive, though the main benefit of finding artifacts is that you get to keep them on your ship in a sort of showcase type thing.

You can also find crashed satellites on the surface to salvage from, but they are not without risk. Salving will increase the likelihood of corrupted sentinels appearing.

So, is this enough to save No Man's Sky (yet?), or do they still have a long way to go? I don't think I'll pick it up yet, but I really commend them for standing by their game for so long and trying so hard to make it into something more than what it was at launch.

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