No Man's Sky will get more "ambitious additions" Hello Games confirms

Posted By   omegabuster's Avatar omegabuster   on April 27th, 2020 Report
No Man’s Sky has come a long way since its rocky launch with Hello Games continuing to add content to the universe faring title. Most recently, Hello Games released the Exo Mech update that allows players to traverse environments in a mech suit. Prior to that the Living Ship update was released which added a new class of organic ships that players could pilot, accessible through a series of missions called Starbirth. The Synthesis update was released before that adding ways to upgrade your ships and gear, as well as adding a much clearer Space Map. All of these updates were built on the massive Beyond update which added VR support and significant improvements to the No Man’s Sky experience. It is a lot of content and that is just part of what has been released since launch, and there are no plans to stop. In a blog post, Hello Games’ Sean Murray wrote: Sometimes it’s good to take a moment and look back on the most recent steps in the No Man’s Sky journey. Beginning with Synthesis, we planned to release more regularly, and it’s encouraging to look back on how this has unfolded so far. Over the past five months, we’ve released four substantial content updates – Synthesis, ByteBeat, the Living Ship and the Exo Mech – and we’re so happy with what each of those has added to the vision of the game. In addition to these content updates, we are working up some more ambitious additions to the universe, and have so much more planned for 2020 for us to feel excited about. Right now, we do not know what that content will be. It could be more missions, more vehicles, and more crafting updates. It is likely we will find out quite soon considering Sean Murray implies the team wants to release quite a bit of content for No Man’s Sky this year. Source: No Man’s Sky blog
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