[UPDATED] No Man's Sky Day One Patch Notes Released, Huge Gameplay Changes Included And More

Posted By   gnome's Avatar gnome   on August 8th, 2016 Report
[Original Story] A few days ago, a couple of lucky No Man’s Sky fans managed to get their hands on early copies of the game, sharing their own impressions of the soon to be released space game developed by Hello Games. The No Man’s Sky day one update patch notes have been shared on the game’s official website, revealing some pretty big gameplay changes such as changed rules for the universe generation algorithm, more diverse creatures, a wider variety of ships and much more. Extreme hazards include blizzards and dust storms.Atmosphere – space, night time and day skies are now 4x more varied due to new atmospheric system, which refracts light more accurately to allow for more intense sunsets.Planet rotation – play testing has made it obvious people are struggling to adjust to this during play so it’s effects have been reduced further…Terrain generation – caves up to 128m tall are now possible. Read More @ wccftech.com

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