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Posted By   funkymonkey's Avatar funkymonkey   on April 12th, 2016 Report
People have been worried about what you'll do in this game when it releases. The idea of exploring planets is a relatively interesting idea, but the question is what do you do? Minecraft had exploring, but at the very least it had a lot of building. No Man's Sky is missing that building. Looking at this video, a lot of what you'll end up doing is farming resources, managing your survival, and exploring. They added a lore of the game to try and give people more incentives to explore, as well as cave systems to shield yourself from extreme weather. Some of it does seem sort of interesting, like learning alien languages, and it seems like NPC races exists that you can interact with, and you have a reputation system with them. If you tamper with the planet too much, some drones will come an attack you, progressively getting stronger and stronger the worse you behave. My mind still hasn't changed, it seems like an interesting idea weighed down by lack of things to do with replay value.

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