Combat trailer has really slow combat

Posted By   lugen's Avatar lugen   on July 21st, 2016 Report
People have been worried that there won't be a lot to do here. We were then promised things like combat. But, looking at this trailer, it doesn't look good. Movement looks slow, both on ships and on foot. It almost looks like it's slow motion in the ships, and the ship won't respond fast enough to actually hit anything.

On foot, they mostly just stand there, or move very slowly, shooting at another slowly moving object. I understand combat isn't a part of this game. But it was added to make the game more interesting once the entire sightseeing part of the game started to grow old. And it doesn't look to be like the combat is going to be able to stop the game from growing old.

I really like the idea of this game, but it just feels like it's coming up too short. I know it's an indie game, but it has access to a lot of resources, look at how well advertised this game is. It's advertised well for a AA or AAA game, let alone an indie. You can sightsee in Minecraft, and that has building. I think this will end up one of those games that sells well and everyone forgets about it in two months.

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