Nobody Saves The World video game
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The skills and the abilities of different Forms can be combined together to create devastating attacks.
First Release January 18, 2022
Last Release April 14, 2022

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Nobody Saves the World is an upcoming action role-playing dungeon crawling video game developed and published by DrinkBox Studios. The skills and the abilities of different Forms can be combined together to create devastating attacks. Other Forms can share the gameplay benefits of one Form when it was unlocked. As players explore the overworld and dungeons which are procedurally generated, players need to complete quests and gameplay objectives in order to earn experience for upgrades and Star, a currency which is used to unlock the legendary dungeons featured in the game. The game was inspired by The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy Tactics, in particular, its Job system that allows players to assume different roles and occupations.Nobody Saves the World is DrinkBox's first multiplayer game after the team was convined by Microsoft to add online multiplayer.Jim Guthrie, which previously composed the music for Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP and Planet Coaster, will serve as the game's composer. The game was officially announced in March 2021 during the [email protected] Twitch Gaming Showcase.


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