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Planet Coaster video game

Graphics and art style


The graphics features themselves are pretty well done, the game is nice to look at. You can see a lot of details in things like the track where the coaster's wheels would be wearing the paint off. You can clearly see litter and such on the ground. There are good particles and effects as well. Overall, it's a really nice game to look at.

The art style is pretty great too. It has a somewhat cartoony and not overly serious approach, which compliments the game itself perfectly. But, the art style works extremely well with the attempt to make a graphics engine that looks pretty good. It's rare to see a game opt for a non-realistic art style and then to try and make it look good. Usually a fantasy art style is chosen to make up for bad hardware that can't run realistic looking graphics very well. Planet Coaster tries to do both, and the end result is wonderful.

funkymonkey's Avatar funkymonkey November 18th, 2016

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