So much downloading loading and restarting

Posted By   swanky's Avatar swanky   on September 4th, 2019 Report

I gave Pokemon Masters a chance, but to get started, you'll really need a lot of patience. The initial app install is 80MB, which doesn't seem bad. But, as soon as you start, there's another download, nearly 400MB. Then, you play through the tutorial area, which lasted about 15 minutes or so, and then there's another huge download.

Meanwhile, you'll have lots of restarting after each download.

There's a lot of loading screens too, loading when you'd think it shouldn't be loading. One of the worst cases I experienced was on the title screen, of all places. It took at least a minute for the start the game button to show up. I was confused, tapping all over thinking I broke something. But, given enough time, it showed up. And then, there's a loading screen after you start the game.

You're really going to need a lot of patience to deal with this game. Loading screens are everywhere. It's not like I'm using an ancient phone or anything, it's a fairly modern phone with a decent, mid range CPU and GPU.

The load screens and downloads are pretty bad, you'd think they could at the very least let the downloads happen in the background while you're battling or something.

Maybe if you move it to your phone's internal storage you can cut down on all this loading time, but you're already easily looking at close to an entire GB for a mobile game.

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