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Pokemon Unite Review How I Got Back Into MOBAs

blazen's Avatar blazen July 25th, 2021

Many, many years ago, I was quite the avid League of Legends player. It was my main game, and I was pretty serious about it. I wasn’t the greatest, only making high gold and low platinum in ranked, but I was still somewhat decent and took it somewhat seriously. The genre was fun, but eventually I realized it was overly addicting and had some enormous problems. Eventually, I finally walked away from League of Legends and hadn’t touched a MOBA in a very long time.

Eventually, I saw Pokemon Unite, and it piqued my interest. Not only because of Pokemon, but because Nintendo has a way of refining a genre that has issues and making it far more enjoyable to play. It seems to me like Pokemon Unite looked at a lot of what made MOBA games bad and tried to fix them.

Pokemon Unite Fixed The Game Length Issue of MOBAs

My time with League of Legends was pretty addicted, with lots of horrible, long rounds spent trying to get that feeling of getting a great win. I’ve had rounds go over an hour in League of Legends before. They were long and intense, sure, but something about dedicating an entire hour or more to a single round just was never worth it. When I played League, which I haven’t played in a very long time, you had a minimum of 20 minutes before you even surrendered. Pokemon Unite rounds only last 10 minutes for a standard battle, and they’re usually decided quicker than that. Pokemon United opted for a time limit on a game instead of letting it run as long as it could until someone wins by destroying the enemy base. It’s an interesting choice that makes rounds quicker and doesn’t have them end up as a time waster.

A Change In Aim in Pokemon Unite

A typical MOBA has you working to destroy the enemy base. There are usually several lanes you have to go through, with several towers or turrets for you to destroy before you can even get close to the base you have to destroy. These towers each have HP (hit points) you lower by attacking it, and after the HP reaches zero, the tower crumbles, and you can move on to the next one. There’s usually three in each lane for you to destroy, which can take a while.

Pokemon Unite instead lets you earn points you can score in each turret/goal area, counting down from 100. You also earn points by defeating very strong Pokemon around the map. Whoever has the most points when the timer runs out wins. I found this to be an outstanding change for the MOBA genre that Pokemon Unite did right. It’s impossible to have a really long, drawn out match because whatever team has the most points when the timer runs out wins, as opposed to waiting for a team to destroy the enemy’s base.

This was one of the main reasons I stopped playing MOBAs. The rounds could go on for far too long. It’s just no fun to be stuck in a match no one will surrender on for 45 minutes and you have no chance of winning. I spent my time with other MOBAs doing that a lot. And Pokemon Unite makes it impossible. It’s a huge, welcomed change to the genre that I absolutely love.

Early Game Farming Changes

In typical MOBAs, you spend the first ten or twenty minutes dealing the finishing blow to computer controlled dummy units so you can earn enough gold or currency to buy items to power up your character. This is pretty mundane and it almost always goes the same way. A wandering player in the “jungle” comes into your area and tries to kill the enemy team players there, or you have a little skirmish and maybe someone suffers defeat. They refer to the section of the round revolving around earning gold by dealing the finishing blow to minions characters to as farming, and to me it’s always been painfully mundane and repetitive, yet something important enough to change the flow of the rest of the match.

Pokemon Unite basically removes the early farming part of the game. There is no currency you earn each round to buy items to power up, it all depends on your level, which you raise by defeating other wild Pokemon or by defeating other players. It lets you jump right into the action as soon as you defeat a few wild Pokemon in your lane, going right into the action. As someone who grew exhausted of the “farming” part of a round, I love it. I’ve been spending my time in the center lane going into other lanes and helping them defeat other opponents and then score.

Pokemon Unite Final Thoughts

Those were easily the two worst problems I ever had with MOBA games, not just League of Legends, but every other one I’ve ever tried. In review, Pokemon Unite really fixes some of the biggest problems MOBA games have. Long rounds are non-existent, and so is the boring farming stage. The result is an exciting, quick match with lots of players on player battles and lots of pushing to score. They’ve kept the best parts of a MOBA game while removing a lot of the bad ones. I won’t discuss the pay to win and free to play aspects of the game, they’re pretty controversial and kind of hot button issue. But you should know they are there, like most free to play MOBA games. For the price, I absolutely recommend at least trying Pokemon Unite. The download was not that big, and whether it’s your first MOBA game or you’ve played others, it’s a great evolution on the MOBA formula and it makes it a lot more enjoyable of an experience.


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