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It is the third game in the Postal series, being the sequel to Postal 2, telling the story of The Postal Dude's adventures in a town named Catharsis, following directly from the ending of the second game.
First Release December 21, 2011
Last Release December 23, 2011

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It is the third game in the Postal series, being the sequel to Postal 2, telling the story of The Postal Dude's adventures in a town named Catharsis, following directly from the ending of the second game. The core of the gameplay is more linear and story-centric as opposed to the open world of 2, with mission-based objectives pushing the plot along. However, it retains the same sense of wild abandon action and combat the series is noted for. There are two paths the player can follow depending on actions performed in the game, as well as how far the player's Karma Meter reaches; if the player wantonly attacks and kills innocent people, the Karma Meter will be affected, changing from yellow to red and guaranteeing the player goes down the "bad path," in which the plot and missions change accordingly, and which ends with text asking if the player is "disappointed" that they did not get to "waste them yourself?", telling them instead to take the "good path", which will allow the player to see the story through to its logical conclusion. Postal III includes performances by a wide array of minor celebrities, including Ron Jeremy, Jennifer Walcott, and Randy Jones. He must then find work and do various odd jobs to escape the town. Through the course of the game, the player can choose one of two paths: the "bad path", which includes joining in on the schemes of Mayor Chomo and Uncle Dave, or the "good path", which involves the Dude joining the Catharsis Police force. The game plays out in a fairly linear and cinematic way, although the player's actions affect the outcome of the story and the game. This makes it one of a handful of games to ever receive such a low score." In a much more positive review, QJ.Net stated that the game was "one of the most interestingly written, psychotic and harmful games I've ever played" and that the developers had "ended up with a product that looks good, sounds great and is often funny", but also complained that their "experience was marred with constant crashing and a lot of graphical glitches" as well as complaining that it often comes off as "mean spirited and lacking in heart". Original Gamer also gave a positive review, giving the game a rating of 7.5, deciding that it was "a good game, just not a great one". The reviewer praised its storyline, wide variety of weapons, and creativity while deriding the game's "linear level design and gameplay" and complaining that it takes "a while to get to the meat of the title". He also commented that they were committed to making "sure that gamers get the best value they deserve" from Postal III. On August 25, 2012 developer and Postal franchise owner Running with Scissors removed Postal III from their store, stating that it was "in the best interest of the Postal Community" and encouraged gamers to instead purchase their earlier titles, stating that they are "a far superior product for a lot less money". This came after revelations that Running with Scissors' relationship with Akella had broken down and that they no longer had any real involvement with the future development of Postal III. Running with Scissors explained the situation by stating that Postal III "was licensed to a Russian publisher and developer who were supposed to produce the game to our design, with a much bigger team and budget than we had for Postal 2. It was a mistake and one we will not repeat." They also added that "after the disaster that was Postal III due to the mistake of outsourcing it, we have decided to make the next game 100% in house." A later interview with Running with Scissors employee Jon Merchant further clarified the situation, stating that "Akella had vastly more resources than we had for Postal 2, so it seemed reasonable at the time they could produce a game that was at least equal to the game we made inhouse.


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Postal 3 gets removed from sale and Postal's original devs couldn't be happier

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