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PowerWash Simulator video game
Rank: #1843
Players take control of a power washing business and complete various jobs to earn money.
First Release May 19, 2021
Last Release January 31, 2023
It\'s Official, PowerWash Simulator Scrubs Up On Switch This MonthPowerWash Simulator scrubbing up on Switch later this monthPowerWash Simulator Seemingly Arrives On Switch SoonPowerWash Simulator is coming to PlayStation and SwitchPowerWash Simulator \'coming soon\' to PS5, PS4, and SwitchPowerWash Simulator Review - Clean Me Up, Scotty!PowerWash Simulator is Ready to Clean Up with Game PassJuly 2022 Xbox Game Pass new games includes PowerWash SimulatorXbox Game Pass adds DJMAX Respect V, PowerWash Simulator, Yakuza 0, Kiwami, Kiwami 2, and more in early JulyPowerWash Simulator launches July 14 for Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PCPowerwash Simulator update adds new jobs, co-op, and morePowerWash Simulator Soap Rework Coming in Next UpdatePowerWash Simulator will be published by Square Enix

User Descriptions

Players take control of a power washing business and complete various jobs to earn money. Gameplay primarily revolves around using a power washer to clean dirt off of objects and buildings. PowerWash Simulator is a simulation game played in the first-person perspective. Set in the town of Muckingham, players take control of a small power washing business and take jobs for a variety of clients in different locations in the form of levels. Upgrades allow the player to customize their power washer to be more effective at certain ranges or in certain situations. The player can also use additional tools, like a ladder which can reach different areas of a level. PowerWash Simulator received mostly positive reviews from critics. Cass Marshall of Polygon praised the game for its casual gameplay, writing that it " the most relaxing bits of home care with none of the hassle." Jordan Devore of Destructoid also praised the game for its "robust" gameplay, but noted that slight issues were present in the game's demo, including walking on slopes and finishing the last portion of levels. This simulation video game–related article is a stub.

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