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PUBG Mobile Adding Karakin Map
PUBG Mobile adds 64 player Karakin map, and it features various locales, new gameplay elements, a fresh weapon, and much more.
PUBG Mobile Begs To Return To India...
Mobile battle royale title PUBG Mobile will be making a return to India. The app was banned in that territory earlier this year, but PUBG Corporation has announced a new version of the game specifically...
PUBG Mobile Could Return to India...
A new partnership between PUBG Mobile's parent company and Microsoft could help the popular battle royale game return to India.
PUBG Mobile Premieres KPop Group...
PUBG Corporation partners with Korean pop-group Blackpink to premiere their latest single in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile lobbies.
FPP CHICKEN DINNER | PUBG Mobile Squads Gameplay | PUBG New Mode In this video we played the new PUBG FPP mode and we got a chicken dinner in the first person perspective mode. It was fun getting a FPP...
THE LOST SQUAD MEMBER | PUBG Mobile | Squads Gameplay In this episode of PUBG Mobile , I played PUBG squads with randoms and from the beginning of the match we went separate ways and we eventually found...
PUBG Mobile Review  First Impressions...
PUBG Mobile Review & First Impressions | Gameplay First 30 Minutes In today’s video, we provide a PUBG Mobile Review & First Impressions along with my first 30 minutes of gameplay. We will breakdown...

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