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R-Type Final 2 Demo Impressions

spunky's Avatar spunky   April 18th, 2021

R-Type Final 2's demo is available on several platforms. I played it on Nintendo Switch. I've also played the SNES version of R-Type, so I'm pretty familiar with the series. If you're not, it's basically a shoot em up game, horizontal and vertical (sometimes) where you have a pod you control. Other than that, it's pretty similar to other shoot em up and bullet hell games.

The demo is short, it's only the first level and it doesn't last very long. There are a few difficulty modes in the demo, "practice", "kids", "normal", and "Bydo." The highest difficulty (R-Typer) isn't available in the demo. I initially played on normal and the difficulty of R-Type really wasn't there. I beat the first level easily on the first try and almost just dropped it because it was too simple. I played it again on "Bydo" and it was a huge step in the right direction, though it wasn't as difficult as earlier R-Type games. Hopefully the locked difficulty is much better in the final version.

Besides the difficulty, R-Type Final 2 feels just like other R-Type games. Controlling the pod, the upgrades, the game play. It is all there, perhaps just toned down for modern audiences in difficulty.

There's a ton of ship customization, you can change colors, hull types, and weapon load outs, which is really cool.

The graphics are great, even on the Switch. I was actually quite surprised to see the early cutscenes looking so good on the Switch. Which, by the way, are pretty cool. The game starts with you getting into your R-Type ship, loading up, being seen off, and launching into battle. It was a pretty cool touch. 

Overall R-Type Final 2 should be a great pick up for fans of the series provided the R-Typer difficulty lives up to its name.

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