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Raid Shadow Legends video game

Raid Shadow Legends

I played Raid Shadow Legends from Plarium Play for a year. I played every day and enjoyed the game. There is a process of leveling up your toons from one to five stars which takes significant time. I was in the habit of working on a toon a little a day and when said toon finally reached five stars I put it into storage. The reason for this is because it takes 5 5star toons to add to another fully leveled five star toon to make said toon a six star toon. This process took months. I had a legendary Yannika ready to be upgraded to six stars. I went to my storage to take out five 5star toons to level Yannika up to six stars. When I transferred said toons to my collection, instead of arriving as five 5star toons they arrived as five 4star toons leveled 1.  I put a ticket in and the game master, Kenneth, informed me that i was out of luck and they wouldn't return the toons to their previous state. He didnt care that it took me months to earn them and refused to help me. I would recommend that you DO NOT INVEST TIME PLAYING RAID SHADOW LEGENDS. Everything you earn can and usually will be taken away and the game masters DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU.

Bigmamma's Avatar Bigmamma October 15th, 2022

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